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Historic Sportscar Racing: The 2018 Mitty at Road Atlanta

While Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore may have loved the smell of napalm in the morning, for me it's the smell of high octane racing fuel. Add to that the roar of highly-tuned racing engines, thrusting vintage racers around Road Atlanta's legendary twists and turns, and you've got the recipe for motorsports bliss. Each year, Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) brings The Mitty to Braselton, Georgia. Since 1977, this gathering of motorsports enthusiasts has brought a wide array of classic race cars to the track, allowing them to stretch their legs and compete in a variety of classes.

Southwick Images | The 2018 Mitty at Road Atlanta

Race fans will see just about every type of race car you can imagine at this event: classic Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Jaguars, Lolas, Porsches, and more. Everything from open-wheel Formula classes to's all here. In addition to catching action on the track, fans are able to get up-close and personal with the cars and their drivers, thanks to paddock access and several hosted activities in the Fan Zone. Add to that the chance to meet some well-known celebrities (on and off the track), such as comedian/racer Adam Corolla, and it's an event that every gearhead should attend.

Southwick Images | Porsches Competing at Road Atlanta During the 2018 Mitty

And don't fool yourself into believing that, just because there's some seriously rare machines on-track, these drivers aren't willing to push it. You'll see these guys tangle on occasion, and while it gives you a bit of a sinking feeling to think that a bit of racing history gets banged-up, you'll also respect the never-ending desire to come out on top of the field. This year's event had its share of dust-ups, resulting in bent body panels and hurt feelings. But that's racing. It always will be.

Southwick Images | Aston Martin and Chevy Collide at Road Atlanta During the 2018 Mitty

If you've never been to The Mitty at Road Atlanta, make sure you get it on your calendar for next year. Three-day tickets are priced very reasonably, and it's an incredible bargain for the experience. You can wander any area of the infield, watch action in a variety of corners and straights, and to top it all off, you can pitch a tent and camp your way through the weekend. The enthusiast community is strong, and you'll meet lots of interesting characters along the way. You can view more of my 2018 coverage by clicking here. There's lots in the gallery, and if you'd like a print of anything you see in there, contact me and we can discuss options.

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