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Photo Sessions

Southwick Images offers a variety of photography services, including headshots, group photos, family portraits, and more. Email me with your specific needs, or call me at (678) 871-0147 to discuss options.
Southwick Images | Professional Headshot
Southwick Images | Professional Headshot

Headshot Session


If you're a professional, you need a professional headshot. It's essential in today's competitive market. Don't let your first impression fall short because you're using a cell phone shot to market yourself. Let Southwick Images produce a photo that will grab the attention of the people you're trying to connect with. Get in touch and we can discuss the various options available. Be sure to include your location when emailing your request by clicking here.

Southwick Images | Family Portrait Session

Family Portraits


Looking for a family portrait that you'll be proud to hang on the wall? How about something that will be a great addition to your holiday cards? Southwick Images takes a creative approach to family portraits, incorporating elements that represent your family's unique identity. Are you ready to get started? Start here.

Southwick Images | Professional Headshot
Southwick Images | Professional Headshot

Fashion Session


Are you a model looking to enhance your portfolio? How about someone who just appreciates the importance of having a great set of photos that reflect your sense of fashion? Whatever the case may be, Southwick Images can tailor a session that captures your sense of style, and flair for fashion. If you're looking for a creative photographer that can bring out the best in you, you've come to the right place. Click here to get in touch.

Southwick Images | Automotive Photography

Automotive Enthusiast Session


Maybe it's not you that wants to be the focus of attention. Could it be that wicked ride you've got tucked away in your garage? A creative, professionally produced image of your special vehicle looks great as a piece of wall art, and Southwick Images can take care of that for you. Click here and let's talk about how we can create something special for you.

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