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Corporate & Special Event Photography

Southwick Images provides top-notch, creative & affordable event photography. The key to successful, engaging content is hiring a professional photographer with event experience  and an eye for creative composition. That's why Southwick Images stands out among the crowd. J.W. Southwick spent many years producing the technical aspects of corporate and association events, including stage sets, lighting, sound, video and graphics. That experience adds value to the Southwick Images experience that other photographers simply can't match.

When you hire Southwick Images, you're hiring a partner for success. Your experience won't be a one-and-done scenario. Strong, lasting relationships with successful results are the goal.

Although based in Metro Atlanta, Southwick Images is available to travel wherever your event requires.

Regarding  rates, that's never a black & white issue. There are just far too many factors for every event that dictate the photography budget. Schedules vary from day to day, locations present specific challenges, and the needs for one event may differ greatly from the next. With all that in mind, Southwick Images will work with you to develop a budget that fits your specific needs. Also, keep in mind that, with the focus on lasting relationships being paramount, discounted rates for multi-year/bulk events are available.
It all starts with a conversation. Contact us today by calling (678) 871-0147 or by 
clicking here.

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